Insist on Saving Money at Home? Check out Tips Amannya

Insist on Saving Money at Home? Check out Tips Amannya

The story of multiplication of money made Dimas Kanjeng Obedient Personal continues to leave a number of new facts. One of which is evidence of some money storage space or bunkers that exist in the grand house.

With the abundance of money saved, why did not Dimas Kanjeng secure it in the bank?

The answer is easy, afraid of duplication cases and money fraud committed to the community smelled the bank and reported to the authorities. Moreover, the police suspect money in the bunker is already mixed with the fake.

Departing from the story of Dimas Kanjeng, you are still saving money at home is not entirely wrong.

Under certain circumstances, saving money at home is rumah minimalis modern indeed the best way, especially for those of you who live in rural areas and find it difficult to reach banks. For those who live in the city, the possibility is based on the absence of a residence card for one reason or another.

“In modern times, the younger generation is no longer there to save a lot of money at home. Except, foreign currency (US dollars). The reason, save foreign money in the bank there is risk of difference between the buying and selling rates and withdrawal fees, “said Financial Planner from EC Consulting, Eka Setya Wibawa.

Put it where?

Saving money at home has its own weaknesses and advantages. From the side of weakness, there is a threat of ‘thief’ who lurk at any time, as well as unfortunate calamities. For example flood, fire, or landslide.

The advantage is, you are not exposed to admin fees, right?

“The safest thing is to save money in a safe if the amount of money is large enough. Safe in addition to the security features in the form of code, also waterproof and fire resistant, “continued Eka.

Although placing money in the safe is considered safe, but wrong placement can be dangerous. Eka suggests, the safe should be placed in an unexpected space alias instead of a common room like a closet in the master bedroom.

“Better placed in the kitchen or attic of the house. Whereas if the amount of money is not enough, mending put in several envelopes and distributed in different places. For example, one behind the wall clock and one more pocket hanged, “he explained.

According to a number of sites, other safe points in the house that can be used to save money include shoe boxes, flower vases, socks, frames, and dolls. Want to know 10 Secret Ways to Save Money to be Safe at Home?

“Want anywhere your choice, which definitely keep the money not close to the wet room and flammable. But for the sake of maximum security issues, my advice is to keep money in the bank, “he concluded.

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